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If you are looking for help to setup printer setup, then you are in the right place. Follow the on screen instructions mentioned on screen for HP officejet pro printer setup and install.

123 hp Driver Download

Every printer needs appropriate hp driver and software for the flawless performance. Here, you will get the absolute assistance to download the 123 hp driver package that perfectly suits your printer. Wireless Setup

Setting wireless hp printer setup is the hassle-free and easy method. You can connect the Wi-Fi capable devices such as Smartphones, computers or tablets with wireless network Wi-Fi Direct. Printers

HP Officejet Pro Printer’s Setup

Go for HP Officejet Pro Printers to fetch efficient performance with professional results. It allows you to print, scan, fax and copy at high speed and creates sharp black text. This printer is pocket-friendly with the double-side printing and uses up to 50% less energy than the laser printers.

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  • Remove the packing materials and tapes from outside and inside the printer with extra care.
  • Use the included power cord and connect one end to the back of the printer and other end to the power source.
  • Gently open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Before inserting the ink cartridge in the carriage, remove the tape on the ink cartridge.
  • Insert the cartridge and secure until they click.
  • Close the cartridge door with care and follow the instructions on the
  • Simply follow the instructions on the alignment page to complete the alignment.
  • Load a pile of plain white paper in the main input tray and push it until the paper stops. (All papers should be of same size without any damage).
  • Slide in the paper width guides until they rest lightly against the edges of the paper.

HP Driver Install and Setup

  • To install hp printer driver and software, your computer should be connected to the active internet connection.
  • Open the preferred web page and go to HP official website.
  • Enter your printer model number in the space provided and press enter for
  • The computer screen will display the list of printer drivers and software; select the printer driver and software that includes all the features.
  • Install hp printer driver and software that is installed.
  • For easy CD/DVD driver installation, your printer should be physically connected to the computer.
  • If there is no physical connection, plug the USB cable between the devices.
  • Get the installation CD and check the CD for scratches or sticky residues. If the CD is damaged, do not use it.
  • Make sure that the computer is Switched On. Enable the AutoPlay settings to the get the installation screen easily on printers.
  • Put the CD into the CD Driver.
  • AutoPlay should be turned on to make things easier. And proceed with the on-screen instructions. The installed file should be saved on the C Drive.

If the issue that you are facing is not listed, do not worry. Make a call to our support team and avail the guidance quickly Call @ 1-866-268-8890 support

HP Officejet Pro Printer’s Setup

  • Keep printer on the sturdy base, take out the printer from the box and remove all the tapes and packing materials.
  • Connect your hp Officejet pro printer to the power source with the included power cord.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and insert the ink cartridges in the respective slots.
  • Install the pile of papers into the input tray to print (Paper should be of same size and type).
  • Hardware setup of the printer will be completed by following the above mentioned instructions. Let’s move on to the software setup for the printer.

FAQ Questions related to hp officejet pro printers

In this section, you will get the clear view about the commonly occurring printer problems that are faced by users and how to resolve those issues with simple and fast troubleshooting steps.

What if my printer is not listed when I use Add a printer?

  • Confirm the connection between computer and printer according to the connection type.
  • For wireless connection, restart the printer and router and establish the connection between them.
  • If it is a wired connection, check the cables and replace it.
  • For USB connection, reset the printer and disconnect the USB cable. Replace it with different USB cable and check.

What is MAC Address filtering and how does it work with my printer?

  • Mac address filtering is the security access control method that adds extra protective layer to your network.
  • In general, any device that has the valid credentials can join the network.
  • But when your device is configured with Mac address filtering, the router checks the device’s Mac address against the list of approved devices.
  • Only registered devices can be able to join the network.
  • With the Mac address filtering, you can allow or deny devices to get connected in the network.

How do I import and view files and images on a memory card?

  • To insert the memory card, search for the small slot in your computer.
  • Once you have inserted the memory card, Windows will allow you to view the files and images on a memory card.
  • If there is no slot, you can connect it using the card adapter. And, plug the adapter to the computer’s USB port.
  • Wait few seconds for Windows AutoPlay function to recognize the memory card.
  • When the dialogue box appears, select Open Folder to View Files.
  • After selecting that option, File Explorer launches the memory card folders to view the files and images.    

How do I check ink levels with a built-in driver?

  • You can check the ink levels by verifying the ink level indicators on the printer control panel or on the printer self-test page.
  • Print the self-test page by following the documentation with steps that came with your printer. Wireless Printer Setup

  •   Make sure that you have the information including network name and password.
  • Switch on the router, printer and computer. Connect the computer and printer to the proper internet. Check if the computer and printer are connected to the same network.
  • Download the full-featured printer software.
  • Initiate the installation process by double-clicking the driver file in the Downloads folder.
  • Make use of the on-screen instructions to complete the successfully.

HP USB Printer Setup

  • Place the printer and computer in the separate place and establish the connection between them.
  • Download and install the required printer driver software on your computer.
  • Select the connection type as USB connection during installation.
  • Once you have specified the connection type as USB, connect the USB cable to the printer and computer.
  • If you own hp officejet pro 8710 printer, USB Printer Setup is damn easy and you don’t need anyone’s help.

wi-fi Setup

  • Look through the printer control panel and press Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Select settings in the Wi-Fi direct option. And, Turn OnWi-Fi direct.
  • With the Wi-Fi direct method, you can connect up to five devices.

HP Officejet Pro Setup, Install, download.

HP Printer Guide Wired Network Setup

  • Before proceeding with the driver installation process, check if you have active network router and Ethernet cable.
  • Connect your computer to the router.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable to the printer and to the router.
  • To complete the network printer setup, install the HP print driver.

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If the issue that you are facing is not listed, do not worry. Make a call to our support team and avail the guidance quickly Call @ 1-866-268-8890 support
HP Officejet Pro Troubleshooting

Do not worry when your printer gives some technical issues. Issues with printers are common and it can be fixed by performing certain troubleshooting steps on setup.

123 HP Officejet pro Paper Mismatch Error

  • Paper Mismatch or Paper Size Mismatch” will be displayed when you try to print envelopes or different paper types. Steps to avoid this issue are as follows:
  • Adjust the paper size settings to ensure that it matches with the paper you want to print.
  • Take out the paper and reload the paper into the input tray. Adjust the paper source setting.
  • Resetting the printer might help you to resolve this issue. Service the printer if the issue is not fixed.
  • Call our technical support team if the issue is still going on setups.
  • For additional queries and reference, we recommend you to have a look at

ink cartridge problem

  • Remove the cartridge, clean the ink cartridge contacts with lint-free cloth and insert it again.
  • Use genuine HP ink cartridges.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges are fixed in the place properly.
  • Adjust the cartridge latch.
  • Reset the printer once to erase the preferences made initially.
  • Remove the faulty ink cartridge and replace it genuine HP ink cartridge.
  • Finally, try to print the document or image to check if the copy is clean and clear.
  • Call our customer support if the issue still continues.